Bmx weekend!!!

I am so proud of this picture because we are training hard that day , doing new tricks, learning new things , so after trying many times and many falls finally …. i did it…

Little jump and go… having fun !

This is me ….

I will briefly tell you the meaning of this photo … Saturday morning, I attended the BMX course with Manchester Bmx Club, which was very interesting, and I learned new things thanks to my instructor.

We did some practice on the circuit, learned how to start in a professional race, and much, much more

Very interesting.

In total, we were 16 kids , different ages, and different skills .

We race together, we help each other, we laugh together, and we learn together.
It s a Bmx Team .
I’m so happy to start this adventure with this team.

After all these exercises, after all this practice my Daddy and myself we went for our favourite food….

Pizza time….

See you next saturday!!!

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